Ying Liu

2020 Fall Fellow
Ying Liu is a Brooklyn-based multimedia artist whose work hybridizes theater, dance, video, and  performance art with DIY props. Her work exhibits an exuberant sense of play by employing consumer technology—such as VR, GoPro, and GPS—and features diverse, multi-generational performers. Her projects foster dialogue between people from disparate circles of life who might not easily cross paths, including bankers, construction and municipal workers, sociologists, psychotherapists, dog walkers, and scientists, to create common ground and untangle the complexity of life. In 2017, she staged HANG OUT, a site-specific episodic play in Manhattan Chinatown’s Sara D. Roosevelt Park. MAKE A FOUNTAIN, an extensive catalog documenting these episodes, was released in 2018 and featured at the New York Art Book Fair by Printed Matter. Prior to the fellowship at IPA, Ying was a resident artist at LMCC from 2018 to 2019 and at ISSUE Project Room in 2019. Her second book, Heavily Prescribed Good Times, on two recent projects PLAYDATE—a neighborhood-wide play in and about Downtown Brooklyn—and PIGTAIL—A Swivel Stool Dance™, will be released in 2021.


2020 Fall Fellowship
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