Felipe Orensanz

2022 Summer Fellow
Felipe Orensanz is a Mexico City-based architect and urbanist. His work, most of it done in collaboration with Rodrigo Durán, focuses on understanding—and often contesting—how urban and architectural knowledge is produced, distributed, and consumed, as well as on the political, economic, and ideological implications of these processes. His projects and writings have appeared in journals and magazines such as Pidgin, Architect, CLOG, MONU, Displacements, Ground Up, Horizonte, Lunch, Studio, Bracket, Critical Planning, and the Cornell Journal of Architecture. He has taught and lectured throughout Mexico, Latin America, and the US and been a guest critic at Princeton, U.C. Berkeley, Woodbury University, Washington University, and City College New York. Other academic activities include fellowships and residencies at HKW Berlin, New School Institute for Critical Social Inquiry, The People’s Forum, Art Omi, and the Institute for Public Architecture. Felipe studied architecture at UABC University in Mexicali and holds a graduate program in housing and a master’s degree in urbanism at Mexico’s National University, where he was awarded the Alfonso Caso Medal in 2010.


On Publicness
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2022 Summer Residency
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2022 Summer Exhibition
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