Line Algoed

2022 Summer Fellow
Line Algoed is an urban anthropologist specialized in land tenure, participatory urban planning, and affordable housing. She is a PhD researcher at Cosmopolis Center for Urban Research, Geography Department, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, studying the importance of communal land tenure for climate change adaptation in the Caribbean, focused on Puerto Rico and Antigua & Barbuda. She works closely with the Caño Martín Peña community land trust (CLT) in Puerto Rico on international exchanges among communities involved in land struggles. She is Vice President of the Center for CLT Innovation, and co-editor of the book “On Common Ground: International Perspectives on the Community Land Trust”. Previously, Line was a Program Manager of the World Habitat Awards and a Director at the International Urban Development Association. She holds an MA in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Leiden and an MSc in Sociology from the London School of Economics and Social Sciences.


Communal Land Tenure in the Caribbean ︎︎︎ Project

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