2022 Summer Exhibition

2022 Summer Residency
September 10 – October 27, 2022
@ The Block House

The 2022 Summer Exhibition featured the culmination of work produced by the 2022 Summer Residency cohort. Each Fellow occupied a room of the Block House, displaying images, text, video, models, sculptures and related literature. The exhibition was open weekends throughout the Fall, with additional special opening dates for the 9th Annual Fall Fete and Open House New York.

Line Algoed’s project, Communal Land Tenure in the Caribbean covered the library’s walls with rally posters made exclusively for the exhibition reading “ESTA TIERRA NO SE VENDE!” or “THIS LAND IS NOT FOR SALE!” A monitor played an interview, produced during the Residency, with Bronx Community Leader Rafael Ocasio on grassroots organizing after natural disasters. Photos, diagrams and related literature were scattered on the table.

Felipe Orensanz’s project, On Publicness covered the three dining room walls, with images of several projects, including his upcoming publication, Ciudad Indepndencia. The table was covered with related reading.

Valentina Angelucci’s project, Slow.Blue.Hairy was displayed in the small bedroom. Diagrams, renders and porotypes were scattered about the room, giving visitors a look into the design process of her re-purposed fish net structures.

Matt Ledwidge’s project, Impressibility Column occupied the large bedroom, displaying digital imagery of the Island on a cylindrical structure in the cavernous space.


Communal Land Tenure in the Caribbean
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On Publicness
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Impressibility Column
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2022 Summer Residency
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2022 Summer Dinner Party Series︎︎︎ Project

2022 Summer Open [Block] House
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