On Publicness: Four Unfinished Projects

Felipe Orensanz 2022 Summer Residency

Felipe Orensanz worked on four projects that explore the concept of publicness through different scales and from different perspectives: “Ciudad Profunda” is part of a three-year research project funded by Mexico’s National Endowment for Arts and Culture (FONCA/Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte), centered on understanding the complex and fragile relationship between Mexico City’s critical infrastructures and its surrounding environment. “The Mexicali Project: A Critical Anthology” is a bilingual collection of essays, both previously published and newly commissioned, that revisits a group of experimental houses built in 1975 in Mexicali, Mexico, by a team of architects and students led by Christopher Alexander. “Cancun at Fifty” discusses the brief yet checkered history of Mexico’s most-visited resort town, and one of the world’s most radical and intriguing urban experiments. Ciudad Independencia/Seguro Social, a book on the legacy of Mexico City’s Unidad Independencia housing unit built by the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in 1960, was completed by Felipe during the Residency and recently published by Arquine.



2022 Summer Residency
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