2023 Summer Open [Block] House Series

2023 Summer Residency

June 17, July 15 & August 12, 2023
@ The Block House

Fellows shared the progress of their work at three Open [Block] House events during the 2023 Summer Residency. Each Fellow displayed drawings, diagrams, artifacts, prototypes, images, and text relating to their projects. Visitors were welcome to stroll through the House and explore the work. Fellows presented their work to invited subject matter experts and members of the public.


Mylar Situations
︎︎︎ Project

Beyond Memorial
︎︎︎ Project

Catalyst Landscapes
︎︎︎ Project

Catastrophe Averted
︎︎︎ Project


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2023 Summer Residency
︎︎︎ Residency

2023 Summer Dinner Party Series
︎︎︎ Event

2023 Summer Exhibition
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