Catalyst Landscapes

Alicia Escamilla
2023 Summer Residency

This work is about contemplation and dialogue with seeds, to enter their scale as a way to inhabit the world. It is about sharing the mesmerizing experience of knowing their cycle and rhythm: in circles. Escamilla draws, sculpts, and builds with seeds as a gesture of sowing. Ideas, emotions, intentions, wishes, can be sown through the act of creating circles with seeds. Every seed represents a place on this cyclical line, and a pause to stay in the present; where past and future merge, like roots and branches do in a tree. Escamilla conveys the way she travels through these little constructions, transforming the perception and diving into the scale of the seeds. The pieces that she created during the 2023 Summer Residency started with collecting and identifying seeds to unfold like postcards, sculptures, photographs, performances, audiovisuals, and art installations. Each of these is a sowing device that gives to each seed –and to the intention it contains– the possibility of finding a place to germinate, grow and bloom. Escamilla believes that a seed is capable of transporting us to the future world that we desire. Somehow, we can also see ourselves reflected in the seeds. 



2023 Summer Exhibition
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2023 Summer Dinner Party Series
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2023 Summer Open [Block] House Series
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