2023 Summer Dinner Party Series

2023 Summer Residency

June 8 & 22, July 6 & 20, August 4, 2023
@ The Block House

The IPA hosted several Dinner Parties throughout the 2023 Summer Residency, welcoming a diverse group of professionals, esteemed guests, and former IPA Fellows to join the cohort at the Block House for conversation over casual meals prepared by guest chefs.

To kickoff the first dinner in early June, the IPA invited FlourishLab and Studio Visit to lead our Fellows in a collaborative workshop, titled Designing Dinner, which aimed at situating the newly arrived cohort and their projects within the group, the IPA and the Island.⁠ "Valuable ways of relating to one another emerged as the fellows worked collectively to deconstruct methods of cooking, develop new approaches, and host a dinner party for the group as well as a few invited guests."⁠

Guests included: Andy Bernheimer, Deborah Gans, Jonathan Kirschenfeld*, Philippe Baumann*, Stephen Slaughter, Katie Swenson, Justin Morris-Marano*, Melody Stein*, Cara Michell, Olivia Tai, Max D'Aurizio, Manuela Lourenço, Vasundhra Aggarwal*, Rafi Lehmann, Karen Kubey, Tanika Williams, Dana Bourland, Keith Brown, Ariel Kleinberg, Emilie Houssart, Gina Pollara, Beth Broome & Matei Denes.

*Indicates guest chef


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