Abdus Salaam

2023 Summer Fellow
Abdus Salaam, born 1989 in Cape Town, South Africa is a cultural fusion of Western, Eastern and African sensibilities. Having formed his earliest memories on a farm, spending time painting and sculpting with natural materials in the mountains of South Africa with his mother, he unexpectedly moved to Los Angeles at age ten where he would spend his formative teen years delving into the arts, extreme sports, and western cultural realities. Abdus Salaam is a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist inspired by natural beauty and spirituality. Salaam reveals a sensitivity to three-dimensional spatial expression and the metaphysical connotations inherent in materials and colour. Contemporary in his mystic abstraction, his work is rooted in poetry, calling from a familiar place to a state of peaceful and intensive longing - often using materials to explore the immaterial. Moving freely between mediums – from sculpture to painting, video, photographic 'light paintings’, poetry, augmented reality, and music – he creates poetic worlds, from the intimate to large-scale installation.


2023 Summer Residency
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2023 Summer Exhibition
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