Alicia Escamilla

2023 Summer Fellow
Alicia Escamilla was born and raised in the city of Puebla, Mexico. She was trained as an architect. She completed her master studies in landscape and garden design, planning and conservation, with a specific focus on Land Art. She recently obtained a PhD in design. She is self-taught and trained through fine arts workshops, whereby her work covers various disciplines, such as audiovisual, drawing, painting, photography, embroidery, tattooing, sculpture, ceramics, installation, performance and sound art. Her artistic practice began in 2016 by extending her exploration of «inhabiting» towards contemporary art. Her work has been exhibited in the United States, Argentina, Greece, Germany and Mexico. She was a Fellow at the ART OMI Architecture Residency in 2019. During her career, Alicia has worked particularly with seeds, where she has managed an articulation between their matter and aesthetic properties by rooting them in questions about three scales of the way we inhabit: the mind, the body and the world. With different species of seeds, she has built hypothetical architectures and conceptual landscapes that define an archeology of cities and their cultures, prompting reflection based on contemplation at tiny magnitudes. As an artist, she believes in the seed as resistance due to its adaptability, transformation and creative power, as well as planting as a physical and symbolic act of multi-species development and ecosystem care, within which the human species inhabits. 


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