Vishal Amier Dharma

2022 Fall Fellow
Vishal Amler Dharma worked for over a decade in India as an Architect before moving to New York in 2021 to pursue Urban Design at Pratt Institute. Today, he works with the Stephen B Jacobs Group as an Architect working on SCA & other community projects. Vishal’s thesis research at Pratt was directed toward gentrification & underlying segregation in Red Hook, which led him to work on the BQE and, ultimately, brought him to the IPA. Vishal had the opportunity to work with GEMS Education which provides K-12 education in various countries. This was the first time in his career that he was able to work with communities conducting Building as Learning Aid (BALA) workshops in schools, and it helped him understand the importance of working with local communities. Vishal has a keen interest in computational design and always tries to incorporate it into his work.


Red Hook Reboot
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2022 Fall Fellowship
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BQE 2053 Exhibit
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