2023 Fall Dinner Party Series

2023 Fall Residency

October 25, November 8 & 15, 2023
@ The Block House

The IPA hosted several Dinner Parties throughout the 2023 Fall Residency, welcoming a diverse group of professionals, esteemed guests, and former IPA Fellows to join the cohort at the Block House for conversation over casual meals prepared by guest chefs.

Guests included: Janet Fink, Jonathan Kirschenfeld, Robert Marino*, Stephen     Slaughter, Tamara Greenfield, Michele Busiri-Vici*, Clementina Ruggieri*, John di Domenico, Justin Morris-Marano, Melody Stein, Isabella Calidonio*, Emilie Houssart, Igor Bronz, Margaret Boozer, Tatiana Morin, Wendy Brawer, Paul Mankiewicz and Walker Tufts.

*Indicates guest chef


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2023 Fall Residency
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2023 Fall Open [Block] House Series
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