Lichenised BioSystems

Luz Wallace
2023 Fall Residency

Luz Wallace, explores the distinction between human perception and plant behavior, by pondering the sentience of plants, challenging conventional notions of what nature is to us. She dedicates her time to pushing the boundaries of design technology, architectural robotics, and organic matter integration.

At Pratt Institute, she teaches advanced graduate architectural studios. As a visiting professor and coordinator for social media and exhibitions, she focuses on media representation, architectural technologies and introducing new AI modes of design. Luz has earned the AIA Henry Adams Medal Award and the SARA national award for student research. Her work on “synthetic landscapes” was showcased at the Berlin Design Week exhibition. As CTO and Architectural designer at OLI Architecture, her work extends to the realms of cultural buildings, and art parks, while pursuing new design workflows through AI and software implementation. Her portfolio includes landscape architecture through shaping manhattan native green roofs and permaculture gardens with Landscape design studio CDL/S.



2023 Fall Residency
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2023 Fall Exhibition
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2023 Fall Open [Block] House Series
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