RJ Millhouse

2023 Fall Fellow
RJ is an assistant professor of Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, and Environmental Design and Interior Design. His work spans across urban design, Black queer geographies, design ethnography, interiority, sensation, and design justice. RJ's current book project, Sens[e]ations, is under contract with The Ohio State University Press. His book discusses the impact of urbanization on Black queer public cultures. Sens[e]ations explores spatial deprivation, sensation, and economic deprivation under patterns of urbanization across Brooklyn, New York. Sens[e]ations focuses primarily on Black queer people and how and to what extent Black queer placemaking is forged as a resistance strategy against cultural erasure following patterns of urbanization. RJ is interested in social design, design empathy, and design justice projects to which his students discover in design studios and seminars. With an eye toward design justice, RJ prioritizes collaborative and community-focused research projects and design thinking that complicates existing, traditional conceptions of atmosphere, interiority, gender, sexuality, environmental and urban design, and sensation.


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