2024 Spring Open [Block] House Series

2024 Spring Residency

March 16, April 13 & May 11, 2024
@ The Block House

Open to the Public

The exhibit will be open 12-4pm on weekends: May 11, 18, 19, 25 and 26 (closed May 12).

Vasundhra Aggarwal’s research work, Material Reconstructions, will be displayed and performed as a tablescape and communal gathering to reimagine material economies and labor practices as sacred ceremonies and rituals. The images, texts, materials, and artifacts selected are a curation of radical speculations that shift the way we think about and create with Land.

Siobhan Hussey’s project, Connecting to Genius Loci: Imaginative Storytelling, encompasses a series of work that studies how we can awaken the senses to connect with genius loci, create tangible strategies for engagement through nature, and introduce these concepts to our youth through imaginative storytelling. The work  includes an exploration of Genius Loci, workshops/activities to connect people to nature, and the development of a children’s book.

In addition, the IPA will be exhibiting student work produced at Avenues: The World School in January 2024 during a three-week course titled Designing the Concrete Jungle. Students designed proposals for Governors Island that promote community well-being, sustainability, and respond to climate-related challenges. 

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