Book Talk: Andrew Bruno

July 30, 2023
@ The Block House

2020 IPA Fellow, Andrew Bruno, visited the Block House to talk about One House Per Day, a project in which he drew 365 different imagined houses, and which has since expanded to include the work of dozens of guest designers.

His book, One House Per Day no.001-365, reproduces the first 365 drawings from Andrew Bruno’s project. The book features 1:1 reproductions of the original drawings in a trim size identical to the original sketchbooks, as well as a section of brief descriptions for each house. The book can be read many ways - as a compendium of bite-sized architectural projects; as a repository of architectural ideas; as the graphic narrative of a project.

The houses tend to each individually dwell on only one or two ideas but taken as a whole they run the gamut from formal experimentation with the traditional architectural elements of the house to programmatic subversion of the typical conventions of domestic design. The detached house remains the dominant form of housing production in the United States, and One House Per Day presents a multitude of ways in which this architectural type can be tweaked, reinterpreted, and reinvented.


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